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Choose to cruise to Symi Island & Marmaris

with Sea Dreams!

Your holidays in Rhodes can be even more intriguing and enjoyable with a cruise to the picturesque island of Symi and the resort of Marmaris. Dedicate a day or more of your holidays in Rhodes to discover and explore two nearby destinations. Sail to the deep blue sea of the Aegean Sea to unravel the beauty, learn the history, do some bargain shopping and enjoy an excursion that will make your holidays in Rhodes a memorable experience.
Choose to cruise with the reliable and long established Sea Dreams Company’s cruise ships. Discover the colourful Symi Island and the historic monastery of Panormitis or embark on a journey to the Turkish seafront resort of Marmaris.
Get ready for a day to remember, enjoy a relaxing yet full of surprises trip and add to your holidays in Rhodes the images, the tastes and the fascinating feelings that the nearby destinations of Symi Island and Marmaris can offer. Read the detailed schedules of our trips in the Excursions page of our site!
Welcome aboard!
Sea Dreams Cruises has a long history on the island’s shipping and excursions scene. Since 1960 our vessels were sailing to Symi Island, when in 1994 the company established the fully organized cruises to the island and Marmaris. Always in the front row of offering the best cruise experience in Rhodes, the company also has the unique advantage of owning its fleet of ships. This enables us to control and maintain the highest of standards for all our clients.
The Sea Dreams ships also hold the I.S.M (International Safety Management) certificates, which ensure that our clients and crew are in safe hands when traveling with us. 
The philosophy for the company’s continuing success is best summed up in the company mission statement: To enhance our customers’ holidays by providing a variety of value added holiday destination “discovery” experiences, and an on-going commitment to excellent, reliable service.
More than 150,000 visitors of Rhodes choose to travel with the services of Sea Dreams to discover
the beautiful destinations of Symi Island and Marmaris.
We do offer the best available prices and we are proud to work with:
TUI, Thomas Cook, Appollo Travel, Als Tours, ITS, Vesir, Crecos, Itaka etc.
Tourist Services Info:
In Sea Dreams Cruises we also offer tourist services as ticketing for your individual trips to Symi and other destinations in competitive prices and we will advise you on all your trip’s details.